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This post will show things that were hidden, some people thought that I won´t make it public, but they were tatally wrong. If you read it  with attention, you  will you discover some secrets of 2º ano 4.

1 - “ A - What do you do?
B - I am a doctor. What´s up?? What do you do??
A - I´m an actor. Where are you from?
B - Brazil
A - Ok bye!
A – Hey
C – Hi
B – What´s your name
C – My name is Wilker
(… connection dropped )”

2 - “ A – Hi!
B – Hi!
A – Where are you from?
B – I´m from France
A – I´m from Brazil! What do you do?
B – I´m an actor
A – I´m a doctor
B – Oh! I´m a doctor. You “had” boyfriend?
A – YES!
B – What´s “o” name do boyfriend?
A – David … KKKKKK não sei…
B – Bye
(fellow, u must work  out another plan…. Hehehe)”

3 - “ A – Hi
B – where are you from?
A – I´m from France. What do you do?
B – What´s up?  …. Nice to meet you …


4 -  “ A - Good aharod ( Good afternoon??? )
B – Good aharenod ( ok guys, don´t ever forget – afternoon)
A – Where are you from?
B -  I´m from Brazil. How are you?
A – I´m fine and you?
B – Hey “o” what´s up??
A – Do I know you?
B – No.
A – How old are you??
B – “18 old”
A – You?
B – 16
A – How are you?
B – I´m fine, and you?
A – Ok. Bye.”

5 - “ Sr. diz: Hi!
Queren: Hi!
Queren diz: Where are you from?
Sr. diz: I am from France!
Sr. diz: and you?
Queren diz: I am from Australia
Sr. diz: What do you do?

(what happened??? you guys were doing so right)”
 6 - “A – Hi!
B – Good afternoon
A – how are you?
B – Fine, and you? 
A – I am from Brazil
B – too
A – How old are you?
B – I´m fine and you?
A – did you have a lot of boyfriends?
B – No, have one
A - Yes
B – I love you! Very!
A – Yes?
B – I had a lot of boyfriends. What about you??
A – too
B – kisses ²
A – Kisses ³…
(I´m wondering, what will  Teacher Celeste say about it…? Heheheh)”

7 - “A – Hi! Hey girl!
B – What´s up?
A – Where are you from?
B – I am from Brazil. Do I know you?
A – Yes. I love you
B – I love you.
(let me guess…. Who wrote this??? So romantic!!!)”

8 - “ A – Hey!
B – what´s up?
A – Do I know you?
B – Yes
A – What  “is” you? 
B – I am Deyse, and you?
A – Wirley Silva.
B – Where are you from?
A – Feira de Santa. Got a boyfriend?
B – No. You?  (hummmm hehhe)
A – “Too” , no
B – How old are you?   
A – 15, and you?
B – 16… rsrsrs 
(there is something going on…hum).”
9 - “A – Good afternoon!
B – Good! Where are from?
A – I am from USA!
B – I am from France!
A – Do I know you?
B – No. How old are you?
A – I have 17. What about you?
B – Are you ok
A – Ok bye.”

10 - “ A – Where are you from?
B – I am from brazil
A – am from Feira de Santana?
B – My god! (hehehe I did like it!)
A – kkkkkk
B – Do I know you?e
A - Yes
B – Not  (hum??)
A – Bye!
B – Bye!
A – Friends??
(…. To be continued)

11 - “ Dani diz: Hi! Do I know you?
R. diz: No. You are from Africa?
Dani diz: “Not” dog. ;D 
R. diz: Dog not. Rum. $%#@. Go to hell.
Dani diz: F%&#@ you…
R. diz: Hi
Dani diz: Monkey
Other says: I´m fine
Dani diz:  (unprintable)
Q diz: Hi!
Dani diz: Hey!
R. diz: Hey how are you?
R. diz: you are great dog
(you guys are very nervous. Are you in love??. The next time show your love to your partner, not your pish).”
 12 - “ Lais diz: Hey!
Arlane diz: Hey!
Lais diz: How are you?
Arlane diz: I´m fine and you?
Lais diz: I´m fine. Where are you from?
Arlene diz: I am from Brazil, and you?
Lais diz: I am from USA
Arlane diz: ok, bye.
Lais diz: bye...
Lais diz: Hey! Where are you from?
Mariane says: I am from France… “e” you?
Arlane says: I am from Brazil
Lais says: I am from USA. How old are you?
Mariane says: I, 17 old!! Goodbye!
Lais says: Goodbye
Arlane says: Ok bye…
(Fantastic, girls!!!!!!)”

13 - “ Sr. says: hi girl! My name is Pedro. Where are you from?
Elly says: France. You?
Sr. says: I am from Boston. And you from…?
Sr. says: I am from France, what´s up?
Elly says: what´s up?
Sr. says: Ok! And you, What´s up!
Hello boy, how old are you???

(to be continued…)”

 14 - “ A – Hi!
B – I´m fine
A – what´s “on” name?
B – Ana Paula says: What “on” name?
A – My name is Luan Roberto
B – Hi love
A – Hi love, how are you?
B – I´m fine, and you?
A – Where are you from?
A – Dear. You have pretty lips. Should I kiss them?
B – Do you have a car?
A – Yes!!!
B – nice to meet you…
A – By… see you
B – Bye love my   (hummm, so cute).”

15 - “ A – Hi! What “so” name?
B  – Hi! Elisandra. You?
A – My name is Gilvania! You “is” from? I am from Brazil
B – how are you?
A – Ok! “What years you?” I am 17 years.
B – I “have” 40, and you, “pedofilo”??
A – No, you is?? Oh, my God!!
B – No. Bye…see you.
A – I love you!
B – La ele…”

16 - “A – How are you?
B – I´m fine, and you?
B – I am from Italy
A – do I know you?
B – what´s ” on” name?
 A - My name is Wellington. What´s up.?
B – I´m fine and you?
A – how old are you?
B – 17
A – You is “sexi”
B – Bye, good ”look”


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  1. Fantastic!!!Really enjoyed to read their chat so funny!!!!LOL
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    Keep going....
    Ps. Thx for the compliment at the blog